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Aegis Software

'Improving speed, control and visibility'

Overarching Jaltek's whole production facility and improving productivity is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by AEGIS Industrial Software Systems.

Fully integrated, enterprise-capable software enhances new product introduction (NPI). Factory office solutions include CAD conversion into machine programs, routing development, and assembly documentation. Flexible bill of materials analysis and archival, revision control, AVL/AML management, and electronic approval and release cycles offer total product data management.

On the factory floor, 100% web based systems deliver paperless documentation, track product, collect quality, assist repair, analyze quality, and monitor machine and line performance. Aegis solutions also offers web portals for remote visibility to the product and process.

Essentially, the system allows Jaltek to analyse quality and trace data quickly and efficiently in order to provide feedback to both relevant areas within the company and our customers with minimal delay.

"Improving speed, control and visibility"