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Product Engineering Packs

With the introduction of our Product Engineering Packs Jaltek aims to revolutionise the way electronic manufacturing companies work by giving control back to the Original Electronic Manufacturer (OEM). If customers subscribe to this service they will be given a manual that guides them through the entire manufacturing process of their product. The pack focuses on cost, manufacturability, quality, performance and reliability; all key characteristics when taking a product to market.

Beginning at the initial conceptual design stage our concurrent product engineering approach translates a customer’s vision in to a tangible design and then a fully functional product supporting a smooth transition to manufacture. Ensuring the product can be produced in volume is a vital part of this process.

At each stage of a products development cycle, and as it is refined, an updated data pack will be sent to the customer with the latest build report included. The result is complete certainty that you have a risk free productionised product with guaranteed quality and longevity. In offering these packs our aim is to ensure that our customer’s are fully informed and in turn in full control of their own products. Customers are involved in the entire life cycle of their product, allowing them to be fully immersed in the process and understand every decision and choice that is made throughout.