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Company grows to thousands of units in just 12 months

Jaltek is delighted to announce that we are working with a new customer from the oil industry. We have worked together to bring to market their patented technology and develop and manufacture a monitoring sensor for use in oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.

Oil and Gas Rigs are potentially dangerous places to work. The environments can be very challenging and the equipment tends to be large and heavy with the potential to cause accidents if not correctly handled and stored. Our customer has designed a sensor solution that detects if there is a problem with the equipment before problems occur. 

Jaltek worked to help bring the innovative sensor to market from pre-production PCBA prototype stage through to volume production of complete units. This included working in close collaboration with the customer’s engineering and quality team to perfect the sensor. As the sensors operate in harsh environments, they are assembled using a number of Jaltek’s manufacturing processes including materials to ensure they withstand extreme conditions. The sensors are stable and highly reliable at extremes of salinity, temperature and pressure, they also have superior lifetime. Production began in batches of 10’s and in the space of just 12 months increased to thousands

Our customer commented that, ‘We chose to work with Jaltek because of their extensive manufacturing, test and design experience. We trust Jaltek to help us iron out the challenging intricacies that inevitably arise when launching new products.'

Stephen Blythe, Jaltek’s Business Manager, commented that; ‘The high demand for the sensors is testament to effective design and marketing. This technology will improve operations the oil and gas industry and could be transferable to other industries in the future. We can see exciting prospects and look forward to continuing to work closely together.’

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