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Jaltek Systems Design in Focus

Jaltek’s Design company is the oldest part of the business, first established in 1987, it has over 26 years experience in the industry. Headed up by Chris Day, Jaltek’s dedicated team of 10 designers has comprehensive experience in developing highly complex product solutions across diversified market sectors. We understand the differing needs and demands of individual market sectors, designing products ranging from a mass production application for a mobile phone to a product for a highly ruggedised environment such as an F1 car. The team recognise that each sector requires a unique and targeted approach and equally the importance of integrating design and manufacturing right from the outset.

Jaltek’s Design Life Cycle Explained…

Preparation and planning

As with all product developments, 'the devil is in the detail', therefore being prepared is critical. Prior to undertaking any development a range of activities need to be completed, these may include; product marketing, product viability, ROI calculations etc. When ready to progress, recognising the importance of integrating the design and production cycles at the earliest possible stage is paramount. At Jaltek, the design cycle brings together a multi-disciplined resource pool with members from both the Bracknell based design team and the Luton based production facility at the earliest possible stage. 

With all elements in place and clear goals identified we are then able quote effectively and progress efficiently. This pre-planning conceptual stage is vital in order to save costs and time later on.

Optimising designs to reduce costs

The product development will progress through our documented and optimised Research and Development (R&D) process and, dependant on the project specific design gates, the prototype will be the first hardware to materialise. As the product goes though the pre-production phase and onto full production a flexible and adaptive process of concurrent engineering will have been integrated in to the R&D process. This includes the Value Engineering team optimising the design to reduce total manufacturing costs by component reduction and layout optimisation, as well as reviewing assembly and test processes. The entire process operates to ensure optimum manufacturability and lowest possible unit cost.

Lifecycle Support

However, the support of our design team does not stop there. We offer our customers through lifecycle support. Sometimes components that are being used may become obsolete, requiring a slight tweak or major re-design in order to prevent the product also being rendered obsolete.

Whether you are introducing a new product to market or re-designing an existing one our team will support you throughout the entire lifecycle process, explaining each stage in detail and guiding you through the process. Our customers are passionate about their products and we wish to cultivate this by providing a service that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Over the years Jaltek's design team have developed unrivalled design competencies; whether working on PCB’s for a space craft control system or simulating ethernet over 10 metres of flexi-rigid circuit board, their experience and attention to detail continues to benefit a wide and varied client base.